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Around The Yurt - detailed information about yurts

There are many fine plans available. Paul King of Woodland Yurts has written two free books (see here) and also The Complete Yurt Handbook.  Froit has written the Real Mongol Ger which contains detailed plans for building a traditional Mongol Ger.
Here are some other web sites that have plans and help with yurt construction.

Rene has produced a great resource for building simple but diffeent structures and it includes his very useful online calculator.

  • How to build a yurt by Paul King (PDF available)
  • The Real Mongol Ger Book by Froit
  • Building a Turkic style yurt Factsheet by Steve Place 
  • Yurt Building - Documents the complete process of building a yurt from raw materials in pictures and text
  • Kazakh Yurt Pitch Video by Rebecca Schultz, filmed in a Kazakh community in northwest China.
  • Build yourself a portable home
  • How we made our own Gher Yurt Making notes
  • Yurt Without Steel
  • The Construction of a Yurt Monica Cellio (online resource)
  • The SCA Mongolian Yurt, Part I (online PDF)
  • The SCA Mongolian Yurt, Part II (online PDF) 
  • Mongolian Cloud Houses: How to Make a Yurt and Live Comfortably A book by Dan Kuehn, Shelter Publications, 2006.
  • The Portable Yurt, the original US fabric yurt plans may can be ordered from:
  •    Chuck & Laurel Cox
       Tuckaway Farm
       59 Randall Road
       Lee, NH 03824 

    Cost  $25
  • Yurt Foundation Bill Coperthwaite Yurt Plans. Post a cheque or money order to
       The Yurt Foundation
       Dickinsons Reach
       Machiasport, ME 04655, USA
    • $25 for Tiny (10'), Little (12') and Standard (17' diam.)-all in one plan
    • $50 for Concentric Yurt plans (1,000 sq. ft., 36' diam)
    • $75 for Family Yurt plans (2,700 sq ft, 54' diam)

  • Authentic Yurts and Gers made in Europe to very high standard

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